About Me

Hi all!  I’m Sofie.  I’m a 26 year old from Bristol and trying to write while I work.  I’m interested in ideas in contemporary philosophy, particularly in aspects of mathematics and science and theories about how we come to know mathematical and scientific propositions (epistemology), and what the world that maths and science describe is actually composed of and how its parts relate to one another (metaphysics).  I’m a left-wing feminist, and believe that women have a lot of much needed and massively neglected insight, knowledge and investigative ability to bring to these areas of research.

I’m also fascinated by the subject of Religion and personal faith.  While I don’t think that classical theological ideas have much use in helping us find our place in the world, thinking about how they were formed, what they’re supposed to represent and how they’ve both helped and harmed people helps us to understand the communities and societies of others we meet and how to direct our ideas of how to build a better world for others to live in.

When not attacking the problems of the big world, I enjoy singing and playing the piano, baking, keeping fit, reading and board-games, though I’m also a fan of story-based role-playing video games and anything you can play together with your friends.  I love the new Nordic Noir trend in TV, and am also a Doctor Who fan and still go back to Star Trek TNG and Voyager every now and then.

I’m a huge coffee addict and get real cravings for sweet pastries (and most baked lovelies, honestly).  I enjoy quirky or psychological movies like Eternal Sunshine, Lost in Translation, Steig Larsson’s Milennium trilogy, the occasional rom-com and anything by Studio Ghibli.  I have a really uneducated music sense, but am working on getting past my happy abstract new-agey default.

I’m also in the early stages of working out my gender identity issues.  Being a girl isn’t something that I think is essential to who I am, or even something that I feel like I need to particularly emphasise, but it is a part of me that plays an important role in how I situate myself in the world.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes and caused myself a lot of harm pretending to think otherwise, but I’m on a journey to move on from that and to just let myself live an authentic life free from external pressures and categorical expectations.

If you’re reading this blog, I hope you find something you find interesting here!  It’s mostly just for me, but please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments.  I love sharing my work with people and hearing their own stories, so you’re very welcome!


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